Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Bravissimo Lace Trim Cami Top 30GG-H

So, I'm a big fan of not wearing a bra on my days off, whether I have housework to do, my sister is visiting or if I just decide to be a couch potato. I hate wearing a bra if I don't have to. While I have a Freya Rosie soft cup in a 30GG, it has a lot of coverage and can still feel a little constricting at times if I want to sleep in it, not to mention the slightly pointy shape and high coverage so it shows when I wear it under a singlet. I really wanted a bra sized singlet that had some integral support and was comfortable without my boobs falling out. These are few and far between. 
I bought a cami with a shelf from Bonds and it was atrocious. I bought an Australian size 12 despite being a 10, and it shows wayyyy too much boob. When I first put it on, I can adjust it to kind of fit, but after a while or if I lie down, I get quadboob and it just looks a little obscene. I had it for a week and has been sitting in a drawer ever since.  
So I finally took the plunge and spent the extra money on a Bravissimo singlet with the integral wirefree bra. I opted for the Lace Trim Cami which is in grey marle with ivory lace detail. It was £28.00 ($57 AUD) so I really hoping it was everything I wanted it to be.

Stock photo from Bravissimo

The Lace Trim Cami comes in 28-38 bands, but there are only 4 cup size options: D-E, F-G, GG-H and HH-J. I measure about a 30GG at the moment, so I went for the 30GG-H size and it is pretty spot on and true to size. There is actually a bit of room in the cups so the vertical seams wrinkle a little mainly at the apex since I haven't filled it out. It is barely noticeable though and the singlet overlay covers it all anyway.    

This is the integral bra, which is attached to the singlet only from one strap to the other via the top seam around the back of the bra. This means the singlet is pretty much just an overlay and you can adjust it a little higher/lower at the front if needed and it doesn't bunch up weirdly. You can also adjust the straps which are halfway adjustable. 

There is no hook/eye closure at the back so putting it on can be a bit of a struggle if you have a large cup as it is just a stretch back. I put it on over my head and then put one boob up and in the bra at a time. Once on, it is super comfortable.

There are three vertical seams on the front to manipulate the shape/construction. One in the very centre, and one in the middle of each cup. This gives a pretty rounded shape, which is awesome.

It's no Comexim plunge shape, but still pretty nice for around the house! The light padding also means no visible nipples if you have an issue with that. 

Added in an angle view.

As for the material that the integral bra is actually made of, I was unsure of how padded it would be and how comfortable it would be. I ended up speaking with someone from Bravissimo's customer service chat team about it before purchasing and they assured me it was only lightly padded, less padding than a regular padded bra. She was totally right.  

Light padding.
You can actually kind of see the vertical seam in the bra on this, but I took this picture to show how light the padding on the inside is. I'm really glad it's not thick padding like a real bra. It kind of looks like there's some stretch to it by the way I'm holding it, but there is none so the shape won't stretch out like with crop tops. The fabric is incredibly soft, too.  

I've had this cami for about a week now and I have to say, I adore it and I'm so glad I bought it (even if it was full price). It feels very supportive during the day but still super comfortable if I fall asleep in it. Since I've had it, if I wasn't wearing a bra, I was probably wearing this. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone that wants a bit of support without wearing a bra.